Getting Started

Beats Music is curated by real people who believe music is emotion and life! Beyond that though, Beats Music also provides support for dynamically creating playlists (The Sentence), providing recommendations to your users based on the artists they like (Just for You), editorial content provided to everyone (Highlights), and many great ways to search and select the content people want. 

You can use Beats Music APIs in many ways. We will help you get started quickly by showing you how to write code that:

  1. Search the Beats Music Catalog
  2. Play a Track
  3. Create, Update, and Display a Playlist

Once you get started with these applications, you can begin to use all of our APIs in your creative development efforts. Please note that all applications must adhere to the Beats Music Brand Guidelines and Terms of Service

Working with Beats Music APIs

Beats Music APIs are categorized into objects (albums, artists, tracks, playlists, etc.) These objects in most cases may be requested as a "Collection" (all or many) or as a "Lookup" (one specific) by ID.

For example, /v1/api/genres will return all Beats Music genres, whereas /v1/api/genres/:id will return one specific genre specified by :id.

Setting up for Application Development

1. Go to your applications. 

To view your applications, visit My Applications.

2. Get an access token.

Before your application can securely access private data using a Beats Music API, it must obtain an access token that allows you to call that API. A single access token can grant varying degrees of access to multiple APIs. If you want to use an access token in your application, you must retrieve it directly through the API. Your API keys carry many privileges so be sure to keep them secret! 

3. Use the API.

The base URL for API endpoints is:

There are two ways to authenticate with Beats Music APIs.

If a Beats Music API is publicly available, you only need to provide your client ID in your API requests:


If you are a developer or partner using a Beats Music API on behalf of a user, submit the access token in an HTTP authorization header in an HTTPS request (calls made over plain HTTP will fail). The Beats Music API uses the OAuth 2.0 protocol for authentication and authorization for web server and client-side applications. See Authentication for examples and details.

4. Refresh the token, if necessary.

Access tokens have limited lifetimes. If your application needs access to a Beats Music API beyond the lifetime of a single access token, obtain a refresh token. A refresh token allows your application to obtain new access tokens. Note: Save refresh tokens in secure long-term storage and continue to use them as long as they remain valid.

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